Pay Per Click – PPC


Here at Click Catalyst, we use our expertise to help companies from all industries meet their online marketing goals. Our Pay Per Click – PPC services are specifically designed for small businesses to maintain a balance between traffic, leads & sales to a website while allowing you to keep your marketing budget under control. Since clients are billed on a monthly basis and there is no minimum or maximum budget requirements, Google AdWords is a cost-effective online marketing strategy that will keep costs limited to activity that directly result in more traffic, leads & sales.

We work closely with you to determine the right budget, lead generation & sales goals and help you evaluate what Pay Per Click – PPC strategy will help you achieve them. Because most of our clients are small businesses, we know every dollar matters and all marketing efforts need to be tied to measurable results.

We work with you to make sure that Google AdWords, Bing & Yahoo campaigns are targeted to your proper audience based on extensive research so that the clicks you are paying for are the most qualified traffic and leads possible. Don’t use an online marketing company that uses a blanket advertisement strategy, targets the masses and ignores the importance of targeted marketing. Our strength is in the close relationships we develop with our clients and the expertise we employ to drive targeted traffic to save you money while helping you grow your business.

Part of why we get to know you so well is because we offer monthly check-ins, reporting & quarterly in-person meetings so you know exactly what’s going on and what you are getting for your investment. Beyond the actual Pay Per Click – PPC services, these check-in meetings are immensely valuable for most small business owners because you can get a clear and better handle on your web traffic, leads & sales.


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