Display Advertising

You’ve spent money creating the ideal website, but you notice that people leave without purchasing anything. Once a person leaves your website, how do you remind him or her to revisit your site once it’s time to purchase goods? At Click Catalyst, we specialize in something called display advertising. This remarketing method ensures that people who visit your domain stay reminded of your website long after they’ve left.

So, how does behavioral targeting work for you?

When a person visits your website, he or she receives a small, non-invasive cookie that remains stored in the web browser. If the person doesn’t buy anything, it targets this person with unobtrusive ads of your site across the web. Therefore, if the person surfs a webpage that contains ads, your site will always show up as a reminder.

You have the choice of allowing your ads to reach every website available through the advertising network, or you can restrict those ads to specific branded sites. Regardless, a web surfer sees your ads on his or her favorite website and clicks the ad to return to your site.

Take your internet marketing to another level.

Display Advertising adds value to your online marketing campaign, and it ensures that your website remains seen by your targeted visitors. Allow us to help you spread your online presence and succeed as a business.


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